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anthonyjaycee's Journal

12 December
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About me...

I'm Liberal to moderate, which means I'm not Liberal enough to go around hating Conservatives. My best friend is very Conservative, so debating things out with him probably keeps both of us from falling too far victim to partisan hatred. I don't surround myself with any "yes men" to back me up in my biases.

I write about deep, spiritual and philosophical things. But not with fancy jargon that most people don't understand and/or listen to.

I think in terms of audience. Probably more so than a lot of people do, because I seem caught between trying to be myself and trying to broaden my appeal.

I'm part Catholic and part anti-Catholic. Technically, I'm spiritual but not religious. At best, I have to acknowledge that the Catholic Church does a lot of good in the world. But I don't blindly follow any physical world authority figure or intermediary between myself and God.

I'm very scientific as well, and anything I truly believe has to be copasetic with a very complex and very consistent underlying network of understandings. I accept the implications of quantum physics more than most science-minded people do, which opens me up to a lot of mystical and/or New Age types of understandings as well, since these tend to now be very copasetic with science.

I'm an Electrical Engineer by background. I "think like an Engineer," which probably means that I'm really good at solving objective problems. Good logic is about not making inaccurate assumptions that other people often make, thereby one can see the problem more precisely than most people do, and solve it far more efficiently as well. But I like subjective problem-solving as well, and honing my skills further in that realm.

I tend to hope sharing profound thoughts, personal emotions, personal stories of relevance, and occasional links to news articles about things happening in "the real world" should be of some help to people. I'm trying to bridge all these theories and understandings of mine into real world implications that can be of great help to people.

I'm very "big picture." When the world goes through a major event in the news-- Election in 2000, 9/11, start of Iraq War, Hurricane Katrina aftermath-- I'm compelled and interested as well. I have a nagging feeling that I'm too detached sometimes, but ironically that's probably led me to be more connected to "what's going on in the world" than many people are, especially philosophical types.